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 ·How to apply for residence permit
 ·Apply for a working(Z)visa in shenzhen?
 · ShenZhen Taxation & Fees
 ·Which Signs shall not be Registered as T
 ·Which Signs shall not be Used as Tradema
 ·Which Signs can be Registered as Tradema
 ·Meet the Small-Biz-Friendly China
 ·Documents Required of Trademark Registra
 ·Why Register Trademark in China?
 ·How is VAT calculated
 ·What is the VAT rate in China
 ·What is the scope of the Chinese value-a
 ·What are the options for foreign enterpr
 ·What is an equity joint venture
 ·What is a cooperative joint venture
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 ·SZ state tax bureau
 ·SZ bureau of trade and industry
 ·SZ administration for industry
 ·HK Inland revenue department
 ·HK Companies registry
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Company formation assistance

Starting a new business? Extending your current operations to China? Our professional team can help you with all your company formation and business registration requirements.

Arranging accounting services

Spend time on what is important to your business; let us take care of all your petty cash records, book keeping, set-up and maintenance of accountancy packages and taxation requirements.

Administrative Support

Access expert secretarial services for filing, typing, dictation, presentations, desktop publishing and database compilation. Ideal for business people who want to add capacity without increasing their headcount.

Arranging translation services

Want to communicate your business message to new markets? we can provide either in-house or outsourced certified translatio

Visa Apply consulation ,accounting & taxing and so on
Business Registration Proxy(WFOE,RO,JV)
Business consultation about
ShenZhen ,HK, DongGuang


We focus on ShenZhen
Provide Free The Business Information Of PRD
We provide the business registration of Companies
in ShenZhen \Guanzhou\DongGuan
& acounting tax services

Let us help you jump over the complex and tedious procedures

to register a company.

 With your help, you and your new company can start landing deals and

making profit sooner.

 Our service is professional yet economical.

 Give us a call and leap over the fence today.


What you need

When you need it



Registration service &business consulting firm

-Registration service for companies from SZ.HK

-Tax  &  accounting  service

-handling regidence permit

-employment certificate  &  working  visa

TEL:0755-83702077, MSN:[email protected]


Let us help you jump over the complex and tidious procedures to register a company.

 With your help, you and your new company can start landing deals and making profit sooner.

Our service is professional yet economical.

Give us a call and leap over the fence today.

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Labor Contract Law of the People'... 813  
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